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GGM, FM Music and Volcano Records & Promotion

present an incredible new project

GGM Studios, FM Music and Volcano Records & Promotion proudly present GGM - Precious Time,

a brand new project produced by the guitarist Marco Ferrari together with a group of starred international artists that recorded two songs to anticipate a full album that will see the light very soon.


In the group of international musicians that contributed to the recording of these first two songs are included Steve Porcaro, Leland Sklar, Bobby Kimball, Shannon Forrest, Scott Page, Fabrizio Grossi, Alessandro Del Vecchio and Wes Little.


The production has been made between California and Italy where Bobby Kimball recorded his vocals at the DD Studios of Serravalle Sesia and Alessandro Del Vecchio mixed the projects at Ivorytears Music Works studios in Somma Lombardo.


The two songs entitled “Precious Time” and “Thank You Grazie” are worldwide available on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, CDBaby and every other digital store but now you can order an exclusive limited edition copy of the CD writing to

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